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    The Campus of Baby Martin is lively and the splendid, grand and sprawling building of the school stands in its mellowed peaceful surroundings with trailing vines and creepers on its porch which give it a unique charter of its own. Located west to the city centre, the Baby Martin, comprises of there sections on the site: Infant (including Pre-school) for three to seven year olds, junior for seven to eleven year olds and Senior for eleven to eighteen years olds. The interior of the school is as impressive as the architecture outside and provides a bright and airy atmosphere conductive to learning.

    The campus provides a healthy environment where fresh air and open spaces abound. The school houses a Library, three highly developed and equipped science laboratories, Music and Dance Halls, a sports Hall, a modern Computer Room and a separate Nursery and Kindergarten wing with a play pen. Consequently working and studying at Baby Martin is a pleasure.

    Candidates may seek admission as resident scholars in the Junior and middle sections of the school.

    The parent/guardian of a student seeking admission as a resident scholar is required to give an undertaking at the time of admission that the student will not ask for change of status (boarder to day scholar) for a minimum period of three years.

    Admission to the College is subject to the condition that consolidated fees for the year will have to be paid if the student is withdrawn at any time later than the 30th of June.

    A student will not be enrolled in any class until he produces a Transfer Certificate from the school last attended. The Transfer Certificate needs to be countersigned.

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